13 Most Famous Mini Golf Courses Around the World

Mini golf – the umbrella term for all kinds of novelty and small-scale golf – has been popular for decades and continues to be a favourite pastime for many. From crazy golf to glow-in-the-dark golf, since the 1950s mini golf has taken the world by storm, and there are few locations around the world that don’t have mini golf on offer in some capacity. Check out
our list below of 13 of the most famous (or notorious!) mini golf courses around the world.

1. Dino Park Mini Golf – Phuket, Thailand
Located near the Marina Phuket Resort, this 18 hole dinosaur-themed mini golf course pairs light and sound effects with large-scale dinosaur replicas, allowing you to play amongst swampland, beside a roaring T-rex, under a 12 metre high waterfall and next to an erupting volcano. The fully licensed primeval jungle restaurant and bar is the perfect place to refuel before heading back out into the prehistoric landscape.

2. CaddyShack City – Christchurch, New Zealand
A long time favourite amongst New Zealanders, CaddyShack has been around for a couple of generations and still draws a crowd. This classic, all-weather indoor crazy golf course, with many moving parts, features well-loved obstacles such as a turning ferris wheel, launching rocket and scale models of houses, buildings and streets. There’s even a mini CaddyShack airport complete with aeroplane!

3. Lexington Ice Center course – Kentucky, USA
Let’s hope the weather doesn’t become biblical while you’re visiting this outdoor, bible and miracle-themed mini golf course. Yes, you heard us right, this course features Old Testament, New Testament and Miracle areas, with holes such as Damascus Road, Noah’s Ark, a Jonah and the Whale obstacle, Jesus feeding the 5000, and you can even putt through the parting of the seas. The website provides the relevant bible verses for you to study pre and/or post-game, and they also offer a glow-in-the-dark option on this course at weekends after nightfall. Is there nothing that cannot be achieved in mini golf format?!

4. Bubbeljungle Golf in the Dark – Leiderdorp, Netherlands
This neon, glow-in-the-dark crazy golf course is based around the story of a kidnapping of a musician Laguna, and you, the player, have to putt your golf balls to help solve the mystery. Slightly off the wall? Possibly. Ridiculously fun? Definitely. There’s no need to book for parties of 10 and fewer, and the course is suitable for kids and adults alike. A part of the wider Bubbeljungle play centre, complete with trampolines, sinking pirate ship, climbing equipment and an escape room, you can spend a full day at this crazy golf course and find something to entertain everyone in your group.

5. Ahlgrim Funeral Services course – Illinois, USA
It doesn’t get much more obscure than a crazy golf course located in the basement aka ‘community room’ of a small town funeral home, but whoever said obscure was a bad thing?! The Ahlgrim Funeral Service course was painstakingly built by owner Roger Ahlgrim when he first acquired the building in 1964. Since then it has become something of a local feature to residents of Palatine, and has also had its share of media attention. As well as some of the more traditional mini golf obstacles (think windmills and rolling hills), this 9 hole
course also, appropriately for its venue, features a guillotine and mausoleum. Perhaps not surprisingly, it is particularly popular during Halloween.

6. Priština Golf, Çagllavicë, Kosovo
Acclaimed as one of the most difficult mini golf courses in the world, Prishtina Golf is Kosovo’s only course. It boasts 18 holes and is actually not so mini, stretching across a good
expanse of land, and incorporating bunkers, mini fairways and fringes. A well-used location for the international Mini Golf Open (yes, that’s a thing), the record for completion of the course is 47 shots.

7. Can Can Wonderland – Minnesota, USA
The award-winning mini golf course at Can Can Wonderland in Minnesota is the outcome of a combined effort of a number of mini golf experts and creatives: Crafted from over 200 proposals in response to the question ‘what mini golf hole have you always wanted to play?’, the resulting course was conceived of by a series of local artists, engineers and architects. Holes include, among others, the dauntingly-named ‘Natural Disaster’ an ‘Serbian Train Wreck’, the slightly more jovial ‘Squirrel Scramble’ and ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’, and, finally,
‘The Golden Throne’ (it’s a toilet). There’s also a street of nostalgic vintage arcade games within the complex that’s akin to a museum of gaming, featuring classics from 1900 to0 the present day. It also runs entertainment evenings such as open mic and comedy nights. You can then eat in the venue’s popular diner which serves classics such as popcorn, candyfloss and hot dogs, as well as some more contemporary fare (kimchi doughnuts, anyone?!).

8. Lauberhorn Crazy Golf – Wengen, Switzerland
Set among stunning Swiss scenery, this 18 hole mini golf course is based around the narrative of the Lauberhorn Downhill Race, one of the world’s most famous ski-races which attracts 30,000 spectators each year. This challenging mini golf course (which is perhaps a little tough for younger kids) has some novel obstacles such as a snow cannon that you can shoot your golf ball out of, cow bells, the Kernen-S run and the Austrian hole. Fun for all the family in a beautiful location!

9. Minigolf Knokke-Zoute, Knokke-Heist, Belgium
Located in the heart of Zoute, the Knokke-Zoute mini golf course is a challenging 18 hole course and one of Belgium’s first ever mini golf courses. Originating in 1951, it is set in an attractive urban oasis of greenery. Just a stone’s throw from the beautiful Belgian coast, this is an up-market version of the classic seaside crazy golf course. Traditional obstacles including a windmill and ice-cream cart make this well-maintained and picturesque course a definite winner in the mini golf stakes.

10. Kungälvs Bangolfklubb, Sweden
The mini golf course at Kungälvs Bangolfklubb in Sweden comes in at number ten in our list of best mini golf courses around the world, not least because of its reputation: It hosted the World Adventure Golf Masters in 2019 (yes, that’s a thing too). Located just north of Gothenburg, it features tasteful-looking greens peppered with rockeries and traditional architectural obstacles including a medieval-looking castle. There’s a cafe onsite in case you need to refuel between rounds – and you might want to play more than one, since you pay for a full day and it’s pretty expensive.

11. Disney’s Fantasia Gardens and Fairways miniature Golf, Orlando, Florida
Few places do family days out as well as Disney, and the Fantasia Gardens and Fairways mini golf course is no exception. These 2, 18 hole adventure courses are based around the classic Disney film Fantasia. Its series of par-3 and par-5 holes include scenes such as pirouetting birds, tutu-wearing hippos and marching broomsticks, beneath the backdrop of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. What’s not to love?!

12. Hawaiian Rumble Mini-Golf, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Previously rated the number 1 mini golf course in the world, Hawaiian Rumble Mini-Golf in South Carolina’s South Beach is a dramatically scenic course surrounded by tall palms, a real fire-erupting volcano (the fire is real, not the volcano), and water features. This tropical paradise golf course provides a family friendly day or night out and is suitable for those new to golf and for golfing veterans alike. Complete with Hawaiian music and fairy lights, the vibe here is relaxed and fun.

13. Treasure Island Adventure Golf, Auckland, New Zealand
Rounding off our top 13 list of the best mini golf courses worldwide is the Treasure Island Adventure Golf course in New Zealand. Based at Auckland Airport, this course is the largest in Australasia. Comprising 2 courses of varying difficulty – Blackbeard’s and The Captain’s – each with 18 holes, you can putt your way through pirate ships, caves, waterfalls, gravestones and a firing cannon, while avoiding shark-infested seas.
Fancy a round of mini golf now you’ve read our top 13 list?! For something a little closer to home, come and try out your nearest Puttclub venue for a fantastic all-weather mini golf session